Coloristiq Rental Nail Polish: Genius or Insane?

Back in Oct 2014 when Coloristiq was first introduced in the UK, I must admit I was rather skeptical and couldn't decide whether this was the next big thing or just a waste of money.

If you've read my previous blog posts then you'll notice that most of my collection consists of drugstore brands including those of Barry M, MaxFactor, Kiko etc, with the addition of a few salon brands such as OPI or Nails inc. This is purely because we have a limited range available here in the UK for some of the popular worldwide brands such as China Glaze or OPI, hence I've always opted for the next best thing. Plus why pay over £10 for a shade you can match for under £5.

Coloristiq to some extent solves this problem as they collaborate with brands such as Essie, Morgan Taylor and OPI. So now for just £14.49 a month you can try 3 brand new polishes. If you like to mix up your manis constantly like me then it's definitely worth it! You no longer have to worry about spending between £8-12 on a new salon-professional brand when there's no guarantee of being 100% satisfied with it, because let's admit it they don't always apply how they look in the bottle.

Another problem it solves is avoiding a stack of old, dried up polish that you've kept for years but maybe only used a few times. The nail trends are always evolving and when new collections appear on the market, you tend to forget about the old ones. With this service you can just send them straight back, and if you happen to fall in love with it then there's no penalty for keeping it over 30 days.

So how does it work?
  • All you have to do is fill in a quick and easy sign up form and create an account setting up a payment method.
  • It's £14.49 a month (first month FREE) and you get 3 polishes from your wish list sent to you through the post. (All P&P and Returns are included in the monthly price).
  • You get a total of 9 applications (3 per bottle) and you send the box back.
  • All polishes are closely examined for inspection and quality control before being sent out again so don't worry about any empty bottles being received.
So to answer my earlier really is GENIUS!

To top it off, their service is pretty amazing too since I ordered on a Monday and I had received it by Wednesday morning! The great thing is the box fits through your letterbox so no need to worry about being home to answer the door. Their packaging is something they've really thought through well. The polishes are individually wrapped in a yellow fishnet to avoid breakage/damage in the post and it's in a cute little brown box of straw.

This is the first box that I received. The colours I got included OPI - Dark Side of the Moon, Morgan Taylor - Magician's Assistant and China Glaze - Towel Boy Toy. Watch out for the swatches in my future posts!

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