Even though I'm not a huge fan of pink, I love nude pinks as they always look professional and neat. I decided to stamp this pretty floral design to give it that extra elegance.

The finished look with top coat.
Two even coats of BeautyUk - Hope, stamped with Cheeky Vibrant plate 03 and Rimmel Pro - Black Pearl.

Happy polishing until next time..

Hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend! Here's an exotic, tropical inspired vertical gradient. I've used a turquoise blue and purple to create this look, stamped with a zebra print.

The finished look (no top coat). I used LA Colors - Black Velvet and Cheeky plate 03 to stamp with.
Gradient created using Seventeen - Wave and BarryM - Bright Purple.
Finished with a top coat.
OPI Nail Envy - Base coat, Seventeen - Wave, BarryM - Bright Purple, LA Colors - Black Velvet
Sally Hansen - Top Coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
I haven't done a dark shade of polish ever since spring has sprung so I really wanted to do a black manicure this time. A gradient stamp of blue and pink together is what I imagined but things didn't quite go to plan as the colours weren't bright enough to show up on black. However I chose to still use the colours and individually stamp each one instead to create this subtle print.

The finished look with top coat.
Two even coats of LA Colors - Black Velvet.
Stamped using Jumbo Plate B, Barry M Gelly - Guava and Butter London - Be My Dahling.
The design reminds me of a woodgrain effect. Even though the pink appears as a brown shade on top of the black, I thought it added to the woody look, (taken in indoor lighting).
Taken in direct sunlight.
Butter - Be My Dahling, Barry M Gelly - Guava, LA Colors - Black Velvet, OPI Nail Envy - Base coat
and Sally Hansen - Top Coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
Happy Sunday! Wedding season has definitely kicked off so here's one that's perfect for all those attending an Indian one! Red and gold are two favourite colours for a traditional look so here's a simple, elegant design to match all your outfits.

Here's the finished look with top coat.
I chose a vibrant red called Baked Cherry by No.17.
Taken in natural daylight to show the true colour of the red.
I used MLS-04 Plate and Nails Inc - Old Park Lane to stamp with.
Finished off with a fast dry top coat.

No.17 - Baked Cherry, Nails Inc - Old Park Lane and Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
Hello again everyone! Sorry it's been a while since my last post, life kind of took over and then I was away on holiday for a few days in Prague (had an amazing time!)

So it seems the new nail art craze right now is the 'Negative Space' trend. The term actually originates from a technique used in art, where the blank part of an artwork piece contributes to the overall composition and makes it more compelling. 
The looks were first created on models during the Fashion Week this year and has been evolving into a growing trend ever since.

Here's my attempt at it, (inspired by Nailstorming) and it's definitely something different to the nail art I've done before.

Two coats of Beauty Uk - Love and Butter London - Be My Dahling.
Using a dotting tool and nail art brush I created a flower design around my accent nail.
Finished off with top coat.
Barry M - Matt White, Barry M - Peach Melba, Sally Hansen - Kiwi Bikini, Beauty Uk - Love and Sally Hansen - Top Coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
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