Yesterday was Rakshabandan; a hindu festival where love and duty between brothers and sisters is celebrated. It is represented through a sacred thread known as a 'rakhi' whereby the bond of protection is tied by the sister and exchange of sweets/gifts are offered lovingly. 
This weekend I will be celebrating with brothers from both sides of my family and here's the manicure I wore to match my indian outfit for the occasion.
The finished look with top coat.
Two coats of Maybelline - Fuchsia 
Stamped using LA Colors - Black Velvet and MoYou London Kaleidoscope plate 03.
You can briefly see my outfit colours and pattern that I've incorporated in my nail design.

Happy polishing until next time..

Going with the concept of 'less is more' today by keeping it simple yet effective. Perfect for weddings, everyday wear, professional attires and everything in between. Nude is one colour you can wear all year round and it always give an elegant touch to your nails. I've used Essie - Mademoiselle to create this look.
The finished look with top coat.
I've applied 3 coats here as it's quite a sheer consistency and I wanted to achieve an opaque coverage.
Stamped using MoYou London Suki plate 07 and LA Colors - Black Velvet.

OPI Nail Envy - Base coat, Essie - Mademoiselle, LA Colors - Black Velvet and Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
A zesty orange look is perfect for when the sun is shining down on London town like it was today! Here's a textured, stamped look using Peach from the Kiko Cupcake collection.
The finished look.
Two coats of Kiko Cupcake - Peach.
Stamped using NYC in a minute - Spring Street and Jumbo Plate A.
NYC - Spring Street, Kiko - Peach and OPI Nail Envy - Base Coat. (I've not used a top coat for this as it would defeat the purpose of a textured nail effect).
Here's the mendhi design you can see on today's post. I had a cone lying around at home so thought why not practice on myself :)

Happy polishing until next time..
What's your favourite deep red/maroon shade? Well here's mine. It's called Shiraz by Covergirl and it's a gorgeous vampy red. However in different lighting, especially under the sun it appears as a more raspberry pink shade as opposed to the maroon you can see in these pictures. It was impossible to capture both tones to show you guys but hope you like the colour as much as I do. 
The finished look with top coat
I've stamped a star design using MoYou London Kaleidoscope plate 03 and a bronze shade.
Covergirl - Shiraz, Nails inc - Old park lane, OPI Nail envy - Base coat and Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
Happy Independence day India! This one's for all the patriots out there :)
The finished look. Slightly disappointed that it's not as neat as it could have been, but it's the first time I've tried a cloud manicure.
I used Essie - Orange it's obvious and Maybelline - White sail.
I added a dark blue rhinestone to represent the Chakra (wheel).
LA Colors - Palm Tree, Essie - Orange it's obvious, Maybelline - White sail, OPI Nail Envy - Base coat and
Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
We're in the last month of summer (heartbreaking I know!) and I've decided to fully utilise as many summer shades as I can before we embark upon the dark autumn colours. A gorgeous mint shade is perfect for this season and the nail stamping was inspired by the cover of last weeks Timeout magazine.
Two coats of LM care romeis colour 144 and Maybelline - White Sail.
Accent nail stamp created using Cheeky Vibrant plate CH16.
You can see a water rippled wave effect, which is why I used these particular colours and stamping design.
LM Care - Colour 144, OPI Nail Envy - Base coat, Maybelline - White Sail and Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
So I've taken the plunge and changed my nail shape for the first time ever! I've always had square/squoval nails and I was intrigued to see what an Almond shape would look like. I don't keep my nails too long so the tip is not as steep as ones I've seen but I'm growing to quite like them so they're definitely here to stay for a while. 
Two coats of Sinful Colors - Coral Island
Stamped with Barry M - Grey and MoYou London Kaleidoscope 03 plate. 
 I added a gold dot in the centre of the floral design using Nails inc - Great titchfield street.
Almond shape with OPI Nail Envy - Base coat
OPI Nail Envy - Base coat, Nails inc - Great titchfield street, Barry M - Grey, Sinful Colors - Coral Island, Sally Hansen - Top Coat

Happy polishing until next time..
The no.1 messiest nail art look is back on the blog! Yes I'm talking about water marbling and I'm so envious of those that do it so well and regularly on their nails.. it takes me forever to get it right! It's probably the only technique that gives me stress but I guess the end result is kind of worth the hassle.
I wanted to use my new Nails inc - Holland park so I chose colours that would compliment it well. 

The finished look with top coat. 
The purple and coral remind me of a summer sunset over a beach with blue ocean waves. 
The pattern that came out on my thumb was my favourite.
OPI Nail envy - base coat, Sinful Colors - Coral island, No7 - Spring meadow, Nails inc - Holland park, Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
For the big day I had to go for a more classic wedding look - the french manicure. It was also the perfect look for the day as both the wedding and reception were held on the same day and I needed something that would match both outfit changes.
The finished look with top coat. I stamped on my accent and thumb nails using cheeky vibrant plate 03.
French tips created using Maybelline - White sail and Essie - Mademoiselle. 
OPI Nail envy - base coat, Essie - Mademoiselle, Maybelline - White sail, Miss Sporty - Paparazzi, and Sally Hansen - Top coat. 
Here's my full mendhi design that you can see on my nails posts.
The colour came out amazingly dark!
Here's my full wedding attire :)

Happy polishing until next time..

It's been an amazing weekend celebrating the cousins big day last week and if you've ever been to an Indian wedding then you'll know that it's not just a one day event!
So, here's a look I wore that was inspired by my outfit for the first pre-wedding event known as the Mandvo.
The final look - you can see how I'v tried to match my outfit colours.
Two even coats of MaxFactor - Patent Poppy. It has a slight shimmer to it which you can see under lighted areas.
I added 3 gem stones to my accent nail and secured them in place with a top coat.
I finally added a gold dot near the cuticle area of each nail to complete the look.
OPI Nail envy - Base coat, MaxFactor Gel Shine - Patent Poppy, Nails Inc - Great Titchfield Street, Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
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