50 Shades of Grey | Dark Side of The Moon

Whether you're a fan or not, it'll be pretty hard to miss the release of the much anticipated movie 50 Shades of Grey that hit the big screens this Valentines in the UK. During the lead up to the premiere, OPI partnered up with the movie to release a special limited collection consisting of 6 shades - 5 colours are (as you guessed) GREY and one is a red shade, representing passion or the red room of pain perhaps?

OPI Cement the Deal, My Silk Tie, Dark Side of the Moon, Romantically Involved, Embrace the Gray, and Shine for Me.

I'll be reviewing OPI Dark Side of The Moon. It's a stormy, dark, charcoal, creme shade with a slight blue undertone to it. There is a very subtle shimmer throughout which can only be seen under direct sunlight. I've always been a fan of grey polish and this one is a lot darker to previous greys in my collection, but I do love it, it's gorgeous! 

Two thick, even coats. The consistency is fairly thin so if you wanted you could do 3 coats, however after two it still appears opaque.

You can see the slight blue undertone here.

OPI Nail Envy - Base Coat, OPI - Dark Side of the Moon, Sally Hansen - Top Coat.

Happy polishing until next time..

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