Happy Sunday! For this manicure I'm using two of my favourite blues - Barry M Aqua and Sally Hansen Night Watch. This look was inspired by the talented Sveta Sanders and I can't believe how easy it was to create. Even my right hand was pretty easy to do and turned out much better than I expected.

The finished look with top coat.
Left hand.

Right hand.

My favourite nail!

From left to right - OPI - Base coat, Barry M - Aqua, Sally Hansen - Night Watch and Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Happy polishing until next time..
HEY BLOGGERS! :) I'm super happy because I've finally had a successful water marbling manicure, after failing miserably countless times! At the weekend I had a Hindu festival (Janmashtami) at the temple for which I have been volunteering at for many years. It's spread over 2 days and both days we are given a coloured dress code, so this year it's yellow and purple. Now you know which colours I'll be fusing for this design to match my outfits!
Below I've also provided a few tips I found useful to me for those that are also having trouble creating a water marble. Hope you like it :)

Here's the finished look.

I created a flower looking design in the water and dipped in two nails at an angle. I used the yellow as my base colour.

Here's what it looked like after marbling and after I cleaned up around the cuticles. (Dab some tissue or a cotton bud gently over the water bubbles to remove them).

I then added some fine silver glitter and finished it of with a top coat.

And there it is! I chose to have all my nails looking different as I did 2 nails at a time but if you want them to all look the same, just dip them in individually in the same design each time . 

From left to right: OPI - Base coat, Astor - New Bohemian, Astor - Yellow buttercup, Disney - Silver frost
and Sally Hansen - Top coat.


1) Filtered water works the best. If you don't have a purifier like me then all you need to do is boil some water for 15-20mins and then allow it to cool at room temperature. It is essential for the water to be at room temperature for the best results.
2) Use a cup instead of a bowl.
3) Tape around your nails for a quicker clean up.
4) Use thin/runny/new polishes and avoid any old, dried out polishes to get a good spread on the surface.
5) Avoid using expensive nail polish as it does waste quite a bit.
6) Try to hold your brush as close to the water as possible because if it's too high, the polish will sink to the bottom.
7) When creating your design, never start from the outer ring as this is likely to be dry and you may end up ruining your entire bullseye.
8) Dip in more than one nail at a time so it's less time consuming.

Happy polishing until next time..
Hello beauties! I'm using my MoYou stamping plates once again and for this look, I've used my Tourist Collection Plate 21. I used Kiko 329, Barry M Guava and OPI Nicole Khloe had a little lam lam to create a gradient stamp look. The gradient teals remind me of an ocean and the grey is like pebbles or rocks on a beach. I'm not too sure what the print is of but I thought it was super pretty.

The finished look.

From left to right: OPI - Base coat, OPi Nicole - Khloe had a little lam lam, Kiko - 329, Barry M Gelly - Guava
and Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Thankyou for stopping by and reading :)
So, I know I've been a little MIA lately but I'm back today with a Monday Blue! This manicure is by Sally Hansen named Night watch and it's a lovely dark twilight blue shade. I've applied 2 coats as usual but be sure to use a base coat as it's quite a pigmented colour.

Base coat and 2 even coats of Night Watch. (Apologies for the bad picture quality - was taken at night so a little unfocused and colour appears slightly darker here).
I then decided to stamp on the accent nail using cheeky plate CH2 and Barry M Silver Foil.

In various lighting, the colour sometimes appears in a teal tone.
Taken under direct sunlight. 

From left to right: OPI - Base coat, Sally Hansen - Night watch, Barry M - Silver foil and Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Thankyou for stopping by and reading :)
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