Drag Marble Art

Hey guys! Here's a super quick and easy swirl drag marble art design, which was inspired by My simple little pleasures. The base colour used is Barry M Gelly Hi shine - Blueberry, marbled with Angelica - Ocean (this colour is actually iridescent so it changes from a deep blue/teal to a deep purple). I don't usually buy thin shimmer polishes but this was on sale at Primark for just £1 so I couldn't resist!! See didn't I tell you.. you don't need expensive brands for glamorous looking nails :D

Flash shot to capture the shimmer.

Right hand.

As you can see it's super glossy already, so I didn't add a top coat.

The colour looks alot brighter and lighter here due to the sunlight.

Close up - under the sunlight so you can see how shimmery the ocean colour is.

Indoor shot.

From left to right: OPI Nail Envy - base coat, Barry M Gelly HI shine - Blueberry, Angelica - Ocean.

 Thank you for stopping by and reading :)


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