Frosted Glitter Ocean

Glitter and sparkle seem to be the latest trend as that's all I'm seeing everywhere this festive season. I've never been a huge fan of glitter simply because it takes absolutely ages to remove off my nails, but here's something I've never tried before - a glitter gradient.
I created this gradient using M&S - Turquoise mix and LA Colours - Purple Ice. This blue is absolutely stunning! It has really fine gold glitter particles within it. 
I originally wanted to stamp on the previous gradient using gold and it turned out to be a disaster so I repainted my last two fingers with the purple shade, so the stamping would show.
This sparkly gradient reminds me of the ocean (I don't quite know why) and so I thought it was appropriate to use my fairytale mermaid stamping plate by MoYou to create this design.
Finished off with Sally Hansen Diamond Flash - Top coat.

Happy polishing until next time..

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