The Cousin Christmas Challenge

It's a given that every year I'd wear christmas nails for christmas day, however this year I decided it was time to spice things up and to get the whole family involved. Since we always get together for christmas day dinner, I persuaded all my cousins to take part in painting their fingertips festive, and I would be the judge on creativity! I must say I was very proud that they all took part and put their creative minds to the test, so for me they're all winners :) Here are the designs we all rocked!

Not the greatest photo quality, but here are all the designs.

Red with silver glitter tips and a hand drawn snowflake on the accent nails.

White, red and gold festive nail designs using cheeky stamping plate 6.

Green with hand drawn gold christmas tree on accent nail.

Maroon, green and gold hand drawn stripes for a wrapping paper effect.

Light/dark blue with fine silver glitter and snowflake and merry xmas nail stickers.

Blue with silver glitter tips with hand drawn reindeer on accent nails.

Happy polishing until next time..

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