Kiko Cupcake Anise

Morning bloggers! Today's a rather icy Monday blue by the lovely kiko 654 Anise shade from the March 2014 pastel range. It's a pretty bright pale blue colour, with darker blue sprinkles through it. It's a textured polish and I've used 2 even coats here, however I found it a lot easier to apply than those I have tried in the past. I was pleasantly surprised at its super fast drying time compared with other textured polishes and it's a well pigmented formula as one thick coat could do the job! This is the first time I'm stamping on a textured surface so I have applied a top coat, however if you're a fan of the sand polishes then avoid the shiny top coat for the best look.

Two even coats of Anise.
I stamped using 'Jumbo plate D' and LA Colors Black Velvet. Due to the fine design and the textured surface, it came out more of a dark grey.

Finished off with top coat.

Kiko cupcake - Anise, LA Colors - Black velvet, Opi - Base coat and Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Happy polishing until next time..

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