Black Henna Elegance

Morning bloggers! Today I want to share with you my new stamping plate from MoYou London's Tourist Collection. For those that don't know, MoYou hold a weekly Thursday trivia on twitter and winners can pick a plate from their chosen collection. Two weeks ago I WON! :D I was so excited since I never win anything! I chose plate 21 (see below for image) which have some really cool designs. This particular design reminded me of a henna design and I thought it was super elegant.
I've used LA Girl - Ballet and LA colors - Black velvet to stamp with. Hope you like it :)

Here's the finished look with top coat.
The design consists of a pretty flowery cornered print (which is why it looks like henna or even lace).

Here's the stamping plate I used.

From left to right: OPI - Base coat, LA colors - Black velvet, LA girl - Ballet and Sally Hansen - Top coat.

Thankyou for stopping by and reading :)

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