Valentines Abstract Nailart

All I can see around me recently is red, pink, hearts and roses! Despite the concept of Valentine's day being rather sweet, I've never actually been a fan of it as I think it's far too over rated and gets crazier and cheesier as the years go on! Plus, you shouldn't need a day to tell someone you love them, it should be said openly as often as you can! But to those that do love it and are celebrating, this one is dedicated to you! :) Today's manicure is not your typical valentines look, as I've seen a lot of heart or 'love' nails. So I decided to do something a little different, an abstract look (inspired by cutepolish). I've kept it traditional by using the colours pink, red and white! Hope you like it :)

The finished look with Seche vite top coat.

Two even coats of the base colour - Beauty UK Love.

From left to right: OPI Nail envy - Base coat, Beautyuk - Love, OPI - Big red apple and Barry M - White.

Thankyou for stopping by and reading :)

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