Pretty in Pink

Hey lovelies! What a beautiful day it's been in London today! Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine :)

I've been dying to try out my new OPI shades and have also been wanting to re-try this mani for a while now, since the previous times I've attempted water marbling, it's always ended in a disaster! Usually I just give up after 3 nails when I can't get the design symmetrical, but this time I tried it differently. I decided to do 2 nails at a time to make it less time consuming and this way the design would be different on each nail...and I think I actually prefer it this way. YAY success at last!

It's really fun to do if you've never water marbled before, however it can get very messy and it takes time picking the right polishes that will spread across the water surface evenly (room temp is best). It's pretty time consuming too and you don't always get the result you hoped for but nevertheless, it's defo worth giving it a go! 

I chose to stick with just 3 colours to keep it simple and used white as a base coat. The bubblebath by OPI is extremely subtle so it seems like I've only used 2 colours, but I used it to dull out the white, so that it gives a creamy pink tint instead (can only see it properly in real life). I added glitter to give it a pretty sparkle since it was quite a girly manicure, even though I'm not usually a pink person! Hope u like it...


                Was really difficult trying to get good focus due to the glitter so here's one with and without flash.

Right hand

From left to right: OPI - Bubblebath, LA Colors - Sassy Sparkle NP441, OPI - Cajun Shrimp, Seche Vite Top coat, OPI - Strawberry Margarita, LA Colors - French white NP164.

 Thank you for stopping by and reading :)


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