Did someone say festival?

Janmashtami weekend has come and gone once again and for those that don't know, it's another Hindu festival celebrated around the world for the birth of Krishna. It is celebrated by fasting and staying up until midnight, the time when Krishna is believed to have been born.

A two day festival filled with activities, food, dancing and beautiful Darshan (opportunity to see the deities) is held at the Temple in Watford to celebrate this occasion with thousands of people visiting and taking part in the fun atmosphere. I volunteer every year on these two days and we are given a coloured dress code; this year being blue and pink.

You already know blue is my favourite colour so no problems there, however pink not so much! I've tried to create a look that will match both days with my outfit, so hope you like them!
The finished look.
Two coats of Barry M - Guava and Butter - Dahling
My corresponding sari colours. 
Taken with flash to get a clearer image of the nail stamp design created with MoYou London Kitty Plate 03.
OPI Nail Envy - Base coat, Barry M - Guava, Butter London - Dahling, Nails inc - Old Park Lane
and Sally Hansen - Top coat. 

Happy polishing until next time..

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