Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013 (3)

Ok this is already starting to prove harder than I imagined..I'm not sure how much more pink my eyes can take lol. I also don't own that many pink polishes so forgive me if you see me using the same shades. Mani number 3 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is by La Girl - Ballet and the dark pink doesn't have a brand name unfortunately (one of those random polishes from a Debenhams collection). I've used striping tape to achieve this effect.

The finished look - I apologize for it being slightly untidy, as the striping tape was hard to perfect every time :(

The base colour.

STOP! Before you leave don't forget to be a part of the fight against cancer - share, fundraise, donate. Remember every action counts!

I'll be taking part in the 5K RACE FOR LIFE TWILIGHT on 26th October and it would mean a lot if you could show your support. Just click here if you would like to donate. Remember every penny counts :) Thanks in advance! 

Here are a few more exciting fundraising campaigns you can get involved in during the month:


Thank you for stopping by and reading :)


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